Sunday, March 9, 2008

Plagiarized Blog

Okay I was curious today about a friend's blog history so I went back in time 2 years to see what she was blogging about at the time. I continued to read for 2 more "months" then had to go help Rob with more of the yard work (the last bush next to the house is gone!! No more attack bushes! Anyway in January '06 about 3 months in to her blogging experience she wrote the following. Yes I am stealing it from you Michelle cause I love it! I agree with every word and like she says if you don't like it you can unbookmark me now. I didn't want to just put a post because some people (my Mom) I know would not be able to follow the link, that and I could not get just that one entry to come up to link to. So here is my plagiarized blog for today! My comments are in purple!

i've done some searching today, and for the life of me i can't find any site that explains the "rules" of blogging. what are the grammar requirements? how long or short should a blog be?? what can you post?? what should you post?? do you know if you are "blogworthy"? I never actually searched for the rules, but sounds like something I would do if I started blogging for a reason other than updating family & friends.

in no order, here are some insights into me & my blogging. (but for those who know me the first should come at no surprise)

i was NOT a english major in school, nor did well in the required grammar class i took; i barely scraped by with a 70. my blogging will reflect that. if you are a grammar whiz, un-bookmark my blog - i promise i'll disappoint you. I am with you there Michelle, but I cheated and took regular English instead of the honors English so I could do better than a 70.

a big reason i blog is to get out feelings my three year-old and my almost two year-old just can't understand. most days they are the only two people i talk to, and not to slight them, but they just don't get what i'm saying sometimes. forgive me (not really) if i do post something i'm feeling that day about losing my only sibling, my brother (50 days ago today). honestly i'm pretty messed up about it, so i us MY online diary to express myself. My reason to blog started as an update for friends and family, it's slowly becoming my journal of life.

i may post twenty random thoughts without one of them being funny. and if they happen to be funny, kudos to the way i typed it out, because most of the time nothing i post is intended to make you laugh. i don't post to be funny - if you only want to read posts that make you laugh, don't expect my blog to fulfill you in that way. Ditto!

also, i'm not trying to impress anyone - even my fellow bloggers on my links list. i'm certainly not trying to lure others in to reading my blog with my creative writing skills - i ain't got any. i know after a while, my "link friends" will stop reading & commenting. one day our blogging fun will end, and i'm cool with that. in reality, i blog to procrastinate my time away. the time i spend blogging should in reality be spent on cleaning my house, or spending time with my kids. so in other words, i know someday my blogging will stop abruptly - probably when i kick out this third kid.... i'm not posting to have lots of people i don't know read my blog. if i bore you, let this be the last post you read. but honestly, i don't think i've lost my audience - stacy and bufkin are still reading.... Michelle I am glad you continue to blog, sometimes I wish for more updates than you give me, and if anyone (Geneva) ever wants more updates from me just give me a poke, I have just forgotten or feel nothing is exciting enough to blog on. I am working on not caring, but that part is a little against my nature. I care, but I am enjoying my more random blogs more than my strictly Joy updates of the beginning.

another thought on how long someone reads a blog/has a blog. a few years ago, about 15 girls from the BSU years of 1993-1997 participated in a yahoo group. we loved the group. we had tons of interesting conversations. well, sadly, members of the group stopped posting and it died. may p31ladies rest in peace. we are joyful though - most of the girls who were a part of p31ladies blog now!!!! Can someone please convince more of my friends to blog, I do enjoy reading them so much!

so, here's what i believe blogs should be about: any darn thing you want it to be about. please blog about things that are not funny, grammatically incorrect or just plain dumb. tell me about the things you are struggling about in your walk with the Lord - because trust me, i'm going to tell you. tell me about the stupid kids who live next door to you & how fun it is to be a homeowner. tell me about how ticked off you are your car is a broke-down mess. or, tell me how exciting it is to watch your six month-old get up on all fours and rock back and forth. know that i'm there with you; i've been in the working world and know how stupid people are; i've had a car i wish i could have traded in - and odds are i've just finished cleaning up poop that leaked out of ethan's diaper, or have just sneaked in to watch my kids peacefully sleep. Here you go Michelle, I am very frustrated with my car, and the fact that their is no chance in sight of getting a new one short of going back to work full time. I don't want to do that because I want to be with Joy, but that is a huge frustration in my life right now. I see so much I want and we need, that we can't take care of because I choose to stay home. I don't see this struggle with some other families and it feels a little lonely at times. That is my struggle at this moment. That and stupid people at the grocery store. Luckily Joy keeps most of her poop in her diaper, although I think she is back on the slightly constipated side (the little balls of poop!) She drinks juice every morning and eats fruit all day! What can I do to help this!

so anyway, there are no rules i've found. blog away about what you are all about. Thank you Michelle, you put it very nicely! You can look forward to my quest to find a grocery store that does not upset me.

Oh and for randomness I have an appointment at a hair salon on Tuesday at 8:00 YEAH I am getting a hair cut!!!!!


G said...

What is with the service industry today? I know what you mean about the bad experience at the grocery store, and I can completely relate. I will stop shopping at places like that altogether because it just drives me crazy. Anyway, today I went to Subway, and when I got home, my sandwich only had cheese, pickle, lettuce and olives - none of the turkey and ham that makes it a TURKEY and HAM sandwich. Weird. And the other day I was at the grocery store near my place and a mechanic started reving a car engine and smoke went everywhere. Did they not see me - a CUSTOMER - pumping my gas just a few feet from the car? It was so smoky that I couldn't see the gas pump, and there was smoke all in my car when I got in. That is just horrible!
Anyway, I CAN RELATE. The lack of service today is a big peeve of mine.
I updated my blog! :)

Tracey & Christopher said...

What kind of fruit are you giving Joy? Try some green veggies (peas, brocolli, green beans) or prunes. Apple juice will constipate her if she drinks too much. Plain water is better. Also limit her cheese and milk. Have you tried giving her tortillas-- the ones with tons of fiber?

G said...

I like your way of thinking my friend! Except we love L.A., and Steve's job is here! How about you guys move to L.A.? And you open a progressive day care/school that I can enroll my child in? And everyone wants to enroll their kids in your program, so you make millions and can afford a beautiful house and go to Disneyland every weekend? Whatcha think? Do we have a deal? :)

Michelle said...

this post totally cracks me up. i'll have to give you some background one day so you'll know how/why i wrote it. i have not checked your blog in some days...i have a lot of reading to do!! :)