Monday, March 3, 2008

Pictures, because I know why you really read my blog...

Okay here it is the reason why you came pictures of my Joy.

Let sleeping dogs and babies lie. But occasionally take their picture cause it's just so cute!

Remember this? Well here's the before....

And here it is with Giant baby in the middle of the village.

She did like the Noah's ark the best that day, she does love her animals!

The birds are allowed to be on top, but not the giraffe as Dad found out later.

See I really did some of the work in the yard! Be proud of me. (I don't think these pictures do it custice but can you see the 6in wall of dirt? It's now at the level of the sidewalk. Oh and we need gutters along there if we are serious about planting it! Ugh another cost!

Those dern railroad ties that started it all!

After Rob and I were wearing hats in the yard Joy decided to wear Daddy's hat. She will also now wear her birthday crown.

My little reader's library of books! She loves to bring a book to you and read. I have put a 3 book limit on bedtime. Usually one fun book and 2 night night books.

She is such a big girl reading and rocking herself at night!

Okay really what happened is she needed milk and so I put her in the chair while I went to get it and I came back to this cuteness! That's my Joy!
And so ends another blog of Joy. Enjoy!


G said...

Oh, she is so adorable! I love every one of these pictures of her, especially the ones in the hat and rocking chair! She is BEAUTIFUL, you guys.

Swishy said...

Suuuuuuch a cutie!