Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Job

It's official I told my boss I won't return to my current job next year. I don't think this was a complete surprise because I just don't fit in with the crowd of teachers they have there. I don't want to say anything against the program since it is my church, however it's just not the one for Joy and I. I don't know if I am being a bit of a snob since I got my education in Connecticut and therefore have many of those Yankee ideas in my head. However, they seemed to do it right. They followed the research and well Texas just seems far behind. I was in a preschool in CT where they tried for and got their National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation. This is a big deal if you are ever looking for childcare outside of home care then I recommend NAEYC accredited centers. I am now spoiled by this and believe all centers especially where I take my daughter should live up to this standard. I also like a little more communication about things, like at the beginning of the year letting me know what goes on and then updating if it changes. My two biggest complaints are they allow Joy to watch TV (something she does not do at home) and they give her a morning snack (again not at home). I also did not know about either of these things. I found out about the snack by looking in the window randomly. I first believed it was just that my looking in randomly found them eating snack randomly because some kid didn't have breakfast that day. I know I am naive. The TV just blows my mind, I see no reason to have a TV on for these kids. The crazy thing is when I mentioned one day that my child was watching tv with the 2's, the director was more concerned with the 2's watching it than Joy. I know I read too much and I follow what I read, some of it's a little crazy but the no TV for under 2 is something I really like, and have adhered to in my house. However, the policy of the PDO is that the kids under 2 are allowed to watch the Baby Einstein videos whenever, where the rest of the kids aren't allowed to watch anything other than the Christian ones. Now I am not complaining about the content just the fact that I DON"T WANT HER TO WATCH TV! Is that really so hard, it's in practically every parenting book you read these days no tv for under 2, and limited after that. *sigh* Okay I am done now before I say more than I want to. You may like the center I work at, you may think it's the best in the area. If it is I am disappointed in the area's PDO options. I do have my loyalty issues and most likely won't go to another PDO in the area. I may try the one right by my neighborhood, but not this week.
I am thinking of looking into a 2 day thing and doing sub work in the public schools in this area. I think I can handle 2 days now to find the right person or center for those 2 days!


Swishy said...

Good for you!

G said...

I've always heard those Baby Einstein shows really aren't all that great for kids. Not that they're bad, just not all they're cracked up to be. Anyway, I think it's lazy to turn a TV on for little kids at a PDO. I mean, that's just intended to distract them, rather than really teach them.