Monday, February 25, 2008

My Baby Story...

If you haven't figured it out already I have become an avid blog reader. I enjoy reading other people's blogs specifically the ones that I now have links to on the side. Well on one of these sites the woman has offered a contest for baby stories. I know my story is nothing compared to the ones she has been posting, but it's my story and I want to share.
I found out I was pregnant pretty much as soon as I could. We used the ovulation pee sticks for the first time and I was anxious to know. I managed to keep it a secret long enough to buy Rob a little card that I have no memory of what it said, but something to the effect of you're gonna be a daddy. Then we waited 3 months to tell anyone else. We told them at my Mom's b-day party at my house by setting up place cards for everyone with their name from the baby's perspective. It took a minute for my mom to realize that she was the Grandmother and Grandmother was the Great-Grandmother. It did work and it was exciting.
Fast forward 6 more month. Rob and I had taken every baby class available and applicable to us from our hospital. Then about 2 weeks before our last class we learn baby is breech. We kept the sex a secret so we could get all our stuff neutral since I want more than one and really want one of each. I researched all the ways to turn the baby and decided for the baby's health and my sanity the best option was to pray the baby turned, and opt for the c-section. This was a disappointment as I am a little weird and was looking forward to labor (which I wanted without drugs). 2 Ultrasounds later, (which really tested our not wanting to know) the baby was still breech. So the c-section was scheduled for Wednesday Sept 20th at 8am. Everyone in the family tells their bosses, and schedules to come spend the day that day. The baby had other plans. Monday the 18th, I HAD to clean the house it had to be clean I mopped, I swept, I vacuumed, I almost cleaned the tubs! Around 11:00 Rob and I were laying in bed and well that feels odd. Let me get up and go to the bathroom. Next thing Rob hears "Umm honey, I think my water broke." I think he said something to the effect of really I was almost asleep. Then he went into first time Daddy mode. I kept trying to finish packing (it was scheduled so I had waited to pack). We finally got everything we thought we needed, we had called the doctor and off we went to the hospital. Somewhere in there I stopped for a second and told Rob "I think that was a contraction" (his now favorite quote). He then diligently got out his watch and started timing them. What I didn't tell him is I was only telling him about every other one.
We left home Rob ran a light and two minutes later we were at the hospital, we went to the 2nd floor. I told the ladies I was scheduled for pre-op at 8:00 the next morning because the baby was breech. I got into a room they hooked me up. I signed my life away. A nice man with a big needle came in. I met the not so friendly doctor. I got wheeled into the operating room. A blanket was placed across my neck. For some this is not a big deal, I can't stand things on my neck! It was killing me to have that there, but I was too nice to tell anyone and I knew Rob would be there in a minute. Rob finally came and I told him he fixed it best he could. They finished drugging me and the surgery began.
I can hear them talking and they apparently have half the baby out but something was stuck. It took what seemed like forever to get the baby out. They kept saying turn this way no, hold on, I got it, no how about now, wow, this baby's really in there. Yeah thanks I know I could feel the head in my ribs the past month! Is the baby okay!??!?!?!? Finally I hear so Dad you want to tell Mom what it is. Now in my head I was thinking why didn't you just tell me hurry tell me the baby is okay and if it's a boy or a girl. My husband then says it's Joy Katherine! I smile and strain to see her. I don't know if I said anything I just want to see her. I can now hear her, she has good lungs!
After the initial stuff Rob brought her to see me, I smiled I wanted to hold her so bad, but I was still laying like they were going to crucify me after this. They whisked her away to the nursery and Rob went too. I went back to the room and waited. When Rob came back I wanted to know where she was, she was warming and would be there any minute. We waited. We waited, we waited. Finally they are ready to move me from the labor and delivery room to the other side. Joy was also ready at that time. We move and then we get her. She's perfect.


My Semblance of Sanity said...

Donna, thanks for sharing your beautiful story!
I enjoyed it!

Michelle said...

i'm normally not a crier when i read birth stories, but i did tear up when rob told you what the sex was. :) very sweet.

G said...

Very cool. I love your story. I love that Rob went into first-time dad mode! Running lights, timing contractions, etc. That is really neat they let Rob tell you she was a girl. :)
Joy just didn't want to wait to join the family. She did things her way. ;)