Sunday, February 24, 2008


They say that some dirt is good dirt, some dirt is bad dirt, I say dirt is dirt and after today no dirt is good dirt! As a child I did the occasional mud pie and I dug to China (from Abilene where when I hit the red clay I knew something was special!) I have nothing against a little dirt under the fingernails, a little dirt in the lawn, or a little gardening. What I do have is something against too much dirt in the wrong place and being packed together like one of my mud pies! I am sure those of you who know me are wondering when and were I have encountered this dirt, well let me tell the story.
I get bothered by some projects not being done, so in an effort to speed things along I work on them. Now if I really thought about it I would know the project is too big for me, but I try anyway. I am an independent woman and I can do anything I want! Well this project started just that way. I want the planting bed next to my garage to be something other than a weed bed. We have talked about removing the railroad ties and planting it nicely this summer. Well it's warm so I decided to check on the ability of moving the railroad ties. They were fairly easy to move. I managed to get them in only one or two tries. OOPS! Now what! Let me explain I could remove them, but their laying in my lawn was not an option! So next I had to removed the nails holding them together or at least get them apart so their is a chance of the trash guys picking them up. This proved to be where I was in over my head. I needed leverage I could not get with only 2 legs and 2 arms. I approached Rob and asked if he had anything I could use for leverage, he opted to come help me. So the railroad ties are on the curb waiting for Monday trash.
The next part of the project the part where I really was in over my head was the railroad ties were a damn of sorts keeping back allot of dirt. The same dirt that housed many weeds, worms and roots. Lots and lots of roots. You see when we purchased this house the bed we are now working on was filled with very large bushes, VERY LARGE bushes. We got the majority of the bushes out and some of their roots. It has been about half a year since we got the bushes out so some of the roots have decomposed others are still there. So we needed to remove the dirt. Problem 1 we have no wheelbarrow. Problem 2 I am a wimp. Problem 3 where do you put this dirt? Long story short we have 3-4 piles of dirt in various low spots in our back yard. We are praying the weeds don't take over, and the grass will grow again in those locations.
So the state of things now is the front bed next to the garage is ground level with the exception of around the remaining bush and it's root system. The back yard has multiple dirt piles some in good places one just in a place (it's a Joy hill I keep telling myself). If you are ever in need of motivation getting a project started let me know I am great at starting things I get in over my head with so invite me over ask for my help and I will start your project for you. Luckily I am surrounded by friends and family who are great at finishing my projects. Thank you Rob, I love you!


G said...

That story makes me think you have a lot of courage, determination, fortitude, grit, guts, mettle, moral fiber, nerve, pluck, resolution, resolve, spunk, stamina, steadfastness, tenacity, toughness, will and willpower. And hopefully it will take you less time to finish the project than it did to read that last sentence.

Kalynne Pudner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Donna! And yes, I agree 100% about the ridiculousness of the "good baby?" question.

That Valentine's pic is adorable, by the way :)