Saturday, February 9, 2008

Free Toys Rock!

Poor Joy has not been very joyful this past week, she has been ill with what we learned on Friday is/was a left ear infection, fluid in the right ear, fever and a bronchial cough. None of which is really contagious just icky and no fun! Especially since this is the first real sickness we have had and it includes 3 different medicines! Poor baby starts screaming as soon as she sees me and Dad pins her down. Anyone want to volunteer for the noon pinning when Dad goes to work on Monday? She is doing better and by the looks of the crust I took out of her ear this morning her left ear is draining now. (Sorry Vicki for the TMI).
Anyway the real reason I am posting tonight is to say friends with kids are awesome and I love you Michelle and Jen! This week Joy really scored some great "new" toys. At the football party hosted by the wonderful Michelle (They Outnumber Us) I came home with a small kitchen which Joy has not stopped playing with since I took it out of my trunk on Thursday. Oh and I made the mistake of telling her the blue square cube was ice so now she goes to our fridge and wants ice while playing with hers. Then Thursday Jen gave Joy a stroller, high chair and I got a caterpillar piano/bell (I will let Joy borrow it on occasion). Then today when I went to help Jen and Liz move (YEAH it's finally done!) I got 2 boxes of Little People. I can't wait to set it all up in the entry and have Little People town! Then maybe I will let Joy play with that too! I am going slow on the showing Joy all her new toys so she doesn't go into overload, especially since she's ill. I will post pics as I get them with the new stuff oh and keep it coming I am always willing to receive, and promise to pass on that which I receive!


Michelle said...

well, glad she's enjoying it! emily really never loved it, but ethan sure did! i've yet had time to find the missing accessories...but i will - one day! :)

sorry she's feeling bad. elliot and ethan are sick too. :(

Geneva said...

Donna, Put down the piano/bell thingy and back away slowly... :)

Manic Mom said...

I love that little dress!

And don't you worry; I've got a plan to get Mr. Manic's pint!!!