Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm a grandma!

I am a grandmother to a sweet diaper-less baby. The baby's name is officially Molly, but she is just baby to her Mommy, Joy. The baby can ride in her stroller (thanks Jen) and she can eat in her high chair (thanks Jen) and well, that's all for now. The baby has ridden in her stroller out to the car each morning this week so in addition to the sleeping baby, 500 bags and whatever else I bring home from work I must now also remember to bring the stroller and the baby back inside. It's cute, Joy is a good Mommy, that is if you don't really watch how she carries the baby (by the bottom). The baby is fed every day multiple times in a ten minute period. She sits in very interesting positions in the stroller and in the high chair. All in all the baby is the new object of our affection. Oh we still love our puppy but baby is quickly becoming more interesting. I guess if puppy got a collar and a leash he may also become interesting, but she got a stroller and a high chair for baby. So the baby is our new love. She has shown she has a few more words in her vocabulary because of her love of her baby she now knows for certain, ride, eat, and buckle. Yes, I said buckle and oddly enough in her ever growing vocabulary this has to be one of the clearest words she says! It amazes me how clear it comes out. Where stinky is still ninkey, and chocolate is gotlet, buckle is clear and precise. She can also scream buckle and no at the same time if you try and buckle her into something she did not intend to be buckled into. Just fair warning for those of you out there wanting to buckle Joy, good luck!

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G said...

Well, you look good for a Grandma, that's for sure!!! It's funny the work buckle comes out so clearly when it's not an easy word. It reminds me that when I was little and learning to ride a bike, I could only ride in circles. Round and round and round... until my mom told me it was harder to ride in circles than ride straight. And then off I went! I can't wait to to hear what Joy's next work will be... Disneyland? When she can say it, you have to come out here! Deal?