Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Potty Story

After bath as I have said before we allow Joy to walk to her room to get her diaper. I have also been encouraging her to sit on the potty while she doesn't have a diaper (she really wants to run around the house, but we won't let her). Last night she was sitting on the potty for what seemed like an unusual amount of time for her (more than 10 seconds) and then next thing I hear she gets up yelling "Mess, Mess, Mess!" I was at first confused what where is a mess (her definition of mess is spilled liquid). Then I realize the mess is in the potty! She had peed in the potty! I was proud I told her it's good to go pee in the potty and then poured the pee in the toilet, rinsed the potty with some water and poured that in the toilet then we flushed and put the potty back together. I think she understood we were happy for her. Makes me think that this summer might just be potty training summer?

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