Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is Blogging Gossip?

Is a personal blog such as mine gossip? I tell stories from my life as I see them. Completely my point of view my opinion and my understanding of things. Then you read them, you may share with someone else something you read on my blog, it's hearsay and can quickly become gossip. So is it wrong to share personal experiences that involve others? Should a public blog be only personal antidotes that involve no other people?
I try hard not to go into "rant" mode and I try to never post a blog when I am heated up and upset over something. However, it was pointed out to me today that something I said on this blog got back to a person that I had blogged about it (unsure if she has read it or not). Then the statement was made that people made decisions that could poorly effect this person's let's call it a business based on what I had said in this blog. I am sorry for being cryptic, but I am curious what you think, is blogging gossip? Should I return to the original purpose of the blog to just update everyone on Joy (btw she said luv you for the first time today!)? In review of the situation and the blog I posted talking about it I have one statement that I will apologize for, but first I want to know what is your feeling on the blog.


Electric Monk said...

Blogging is no different than if you were sitting around a table talking to other people. It's a semi-public forum - you can't really expect anything you say to be kept private, but that doesn't mean that what you said is "gossip"-y. (Although I read your blog all the time and I have no idea what you're talking about).

"Gossip" is defined as "idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others." If you're talking about yourself, it's not gossip. I think that, even if you're talking about what someone else said to you, it's not gossip. If I go and repeat it, and then that person passes it on, then it's hearsay, rumor, and gossip.

But just posting what you think isn't gossip. But be aware that it's NEVER private.

Tracey & Christopher said...

I don't think of it as gossip since it's coming from first hand knowledge. Although I would never write something on a public forum that you would mind that person reading if you're writing about a situation.

I like hearing about your day so please don't stop!!

I don't think everyone is going to like my opinions but I also don't want my opinions to be detrimental to someone's way of supporting themselves.

As long as the facts are laid out there and it's clear what is fact and what is your commentary and opinion then it shouldn't matter.

Donna said...

To be less cryptic, the PDO at our church where I worked this past year and was unhappy is closing. It was said to me in the meeting with the director that she knew I blogged about being unhappy, and that their are couples who will never bring their child to that PDO for that reason. I have since gone back over my blogging and feel very confident that I said nothing that I would not stand behind even today. I am sad to see the program go, as it is a ministry to the community, however it was not correctly surving this purpose, the church was not involved in the PDO and the PDO was not involved in the church. I pray that at a later date this will change and the church will be ready for some type of preschool children's program within their walls. However now is not the time.

G said...

Writing what you think about the PDO is your opinion, not gossip. Newspapers across the country routinely publish editorials and people write columns (which are the columnist's opinions) in respectable publications all the time - no one considers that gossip. Keep blogging!!! I love reading it.

Scooter said...

Donna, I have been reading your blog for a while as well and I don't think you did anything that anyone else hasn't done. You had some things on your mind and you put them down on paper. Besides the PDO isn't shutting down because of what you said, there are other reasons and they will discuss those tonight at business meeting. Don't be hard on yourself because you wrote something that you believe to be true. I agree with Clint - Blogging is no different then talking around a campfire. Words are Words - written as well as spoken. I enjoy reading your blog, it helps me to get to know you better. Outside of that, there is nothing anyone can do about what someone else says as a result - that is on them. Keep blogging Joy and being you - we have much to gain either way.