Friday, May 16, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Okay, I don't fancy myself a singer of any great magnitude. I do however love to sing (if you have ridden in my car you know this). So last night my friend Jen has a brand new Wii (Happy Mother's Day to her!) and so of course our Thursday night dinner group has to check it out. We played the Wii doing the bowling and the tennis and a fitness test first (don't ask how I did!). Then we broke out the big guns, American Idol. Now as much as I love to sing I hate to watch other people sing, unless it's a live concert, so I am not a fan of the show. Anyway basically what the game is is glorified karaoke. I have been to a karaoke place once and except for my shyness of singing in front of people I enjoyed it (there you go Nikki the truth comes out). Last night I have known these girls well let's just say we don't say how long anymore it's a long time so they already know my singing inability so the shyness thing did not come into play. We played the actual game American Idol and I won! I was having so much fun at this point (and had great confidence) so I kept going trying to "unlock" different things by getting platinum on songs. I sang many songs and unlocked Somewhere Over the Rainbow. At this point I say why not it's 12:00 at night let me see how bad this is going to be. Well it was PERFECT! You heard me right 100% correct (at least by their standards). Because of that I had to sing it again with the judges (I had started playing in a mode without Randy, Paula and Simon). When I did Simon said "I cannot say anything good about that performance (some other fluff) because it was amazing (or some other nice word I forgot since I got home so late)!" Anyway I had to share my accomplishment and new found love for the American Idol game. Karaoke anyone?


Electric Monk said...

Donna Lybarger=Judy Garland.

G said...

That sounds like a really fun game. I've been into American Idol this season, so I bet I'd like it. I didn't know you were such a ace singer! The radio was always too loud in the Barge to hear you over it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I told you karaoke was fun!!! :) I leave Texas this Saturday... I'm gonna miss you!