Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Official

It was voted upon tonight at the church business meeting to close the PDO. I am saddened, however I also believe that the the program or the church had to change to be a true ministry of the church. I am not saying that it was not a ministry to the families that attended, the children heard of God and Jesus on a daily basis, some whom may never have heard of him otherwise were taught about God. This is the part that is sad to me, however these parents sought out a church for their preschool and their are many others on the same road which also teach the same basic principals. God will provide for those families.
Some teachers were upset, and I can see their point they poured the last 1, 2, 5, 30+ years into the program. They have every right to be upset with the church for not properly supporting the program. I hope that the church sees that preschool and children's ministry is a need, and we can't grow our church without having something for the children.
My opinion, it's a good thing. I told the children's minister after the meeting that my heart is for kids. I want the best for the children. I chose to put my ministry into the PDO this past year. I won't say it was a wrong decision. I don't regret it, other than the time lost with Joy and the issues with Joy's classroom. I am now going to turn my efforts and my focus back into the church and find ways to serve to grow the much needed children's ministry. This is my 3rd summer at this church, and my 2nd one to work at the VBS (the 1st I worked summer school). I mentioned to the children's minister that I have 1,000 ideas running through my head and I hope to start something next year for stay at home mom's. Keep tuned in and we will see where God leads!


G said...

Hi - sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I've been on vacation - 6 days off - and Becky was here. We did just about everything, and I'm exhausted! :)
How are things? Any good plans for Father's Day?

G said...

Are you blogged out?